Nature Walks

Wildflowers, walking, turpentine, guided, wetlands

For most of the year, visitors can easily view White-Topped Pitcher Plants from the boardwalk that directs those visitors over the wetlands. However, guided walks are conducted twice a year when those pitcher plants are not evident on December 25 (Red and Green Walk) and January 1 (First Day Hike).

These walks offer visitors cooler temperatures and fewer bugs! Hikers learn about the native plants that occupy the wetlands as well as those areas that are drier like the Pine Flatwoods. Scavenger hunt sheets are also given out, not just for fun, but it also teaches us to view plants and trees differently.

Visitors also learn about the turpentine industry when the guiding ranger brings their “cat face” and related materials.  We always find something interesting to talk about and often see blooming wildflowers. It has become an annual event for many families.

Both guided hikes are a great way for the family to get outdoors together and enjoy a few hours of nature which has been proven to actually have health benefits! Join Us on one of our upcoming guided walks, or venture out to the park on your own to experience these treasures.