A Message From Our Director

Aug 02, 2018

National Public Lands Day and Florida State Parks

A friend told me that he loves to spend time in state parks because he knows his visit helps protect Florida’s natural and cultural resources. Parks don’t just make us happy, they add purpose to our lives. By choosing to spend time swimming, camping, learning or enjoying the company of others, you help secure the future of parks.

National Public Lands Day shows that there is another important step we can take to protect Florida’s parks. National Public Lands Day is a day of service, but it’s also a celebration of all the experiences, memories and good feelings parks can give us.

This year’s National Public Lands Day is focused on resilience and restoration. Florida’s public lands are resilient, but only if we give them the care they need. One park visitor told me that walking in the park surrounded by nature made him feel spiritually connected. I’ve noticed that other people seem calmer in parks, whether chatting with a friend or listening to the birds. Spending time in parks helps us restore our well-being and take a pause from our hectic daily lives.

If you and your family enjoy Florida’s state parks and public lands, join in the celebration and help protect and restore your favorite park. I hope that your experience on National Public Lands Day sticks with you, so that you share the sense of purpose and stewardship with others. Parks aren’t an accident — people make them possible.

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Eric Draper, Director