Manager's Message

Image of Park Manager Katie Moses with background of pine trees

Katie Moses, Park Manager

The wildlife is active nearly everywhere you visit in the park. The beach is filled with wintering shorebirds, roseate spoonbills as well as sea stars along the water's edge. Make sure to join us for upcoming guided beach walks and wading trips to discover more about the incredible beach wildlife in the park.  

One of my favorite spots this time of year is to take a stroll along the Black Island Trail, which is 2.5 miles round trip (although there are three shortcuts along the trail). This time of year the gopher tortoises are active on sunny, warm days along the trail. Along the edges of the trail native plants are blooming with flowers and seeds making the trail even more colorful. 

Want to learn more about the plants and wildlife on the park trails? Join us for an upcoming event.

The wonderful part of getting outdoors and into nature is being able to leave everything behind and just experience what surrounds you. Take time to rejuvenate, de-stress, enjoy the fresh air and experience joy. 

Our staff here at Lovers Key State Park hope you will come join us and enjoy the incredible resources of the park.