Manager's Message

Robert Steele, Park Manager

Robert Steele, Park Manager

Now is a great time to visit this quiet gem of a historic park nestled between Tallahassee and Monticello.  

The park is home to the remnants of a group of earthen mounds, part of a much larger group built between 400 and 900 CE. These early mounds are architectural remains of Native Americans who worked and lived in the area just south of Lake Miccosukee. 

With plenty of resources in the area, they built the highest mound in all of Florida. From our interpretive boardwalk, you can see different levels and contours of the largest mound.

The Weeden Trail takes visitors through old farm fields that are being restored to upland pine forests and where other smaller mounds are located. Visit our pavilion and enjoy a picnic and the interpretive panels that explain the Native Americans and their engineering feats.

If you are interested in visiting or are already at Letchworth-Love Mounds Archaeological State Park and need more information from our amazing staff, please give our park office a call at 850-487-7989, or contact me at