Manager's Message

Mark Knapke, Park Manager

Mark Knapke, Park Manager

It is a great time to plan a trip to Lake Griffin State Park. Stay in the campground or just visit for the day. This is the best time of year to go fishing! Lake Griffin is one of the best fishing lakes in Central Florida.  

The park also has two hiking trails: a short high-and-dry trail that features a hard-packed walking surface and a slightly longer trail that takes you on a trek through some pristine swampland. Beware: The swamp trail will lead to your shoes getting a little muddy, so leave your good shoes at home. Be sure to take the short walk to one of the state's largest live oak trees. 

Have grandchildren in town and want to show them the Real Florida? Bring them for a paddle on the marshes of Lake Griffin. Along the way they'll see many different types of wading birds, and if it's sunny and warm they may even see an alligator (yes, it's safe). The park offers guided pontoon and kayak tours. Call the office for more details.

We are always looking for volunteers and camp hosts. Candidates should have basic maintenance experience and be willing to do things like clean campsites and mow the grass. In exchange for 20 working hours per week, we'll provide you a campsite with water, electric and sewer. Contact Jan Wichterman at 352-360-6760 for more information.

Hope you are able to come visit our wonderful little park soon.