Manager's Message

Manager's Message Haw Creek Preserve State Park

Phil Rand, Park Manager

Haw Creek Preserve State Park encompasses the banks of Haw Creek and parts of the shorelines of Crescent Lake and Dead Lake. Paddlers and boaters can launch at Russell Landing or at Bull Creek Fish Camp to see this beautiful black water creek. The creek gets it's name from the Haw tree which lines the edge of the shore. The Haw tree has an apple like fruit that has been used to make jelly. A large part of the preserve is made up of beautiful Bald Cypress trees. The best way to fully enjoy the creek is take a slow boat ride on this peaceful meandering waterway. The park is always looking for paddle and boating volunteers to do monitoring and surveys of wildlife. If you are interested please call Tomoka State Park Administration (386-676-4075) for more information.