Manager's Message

Park Manager of Colt Creek State Park smiling at the camera with a garden behind him

Scott Duncan, Park Manager

Wintertime! The time that feels colder to me but warmer to the birds escaping the northern frost. Cool mornings give way to bright afternoons and nighttime requires a campfire and warm cocoa. If you didn't catch it by my description, I love winter!

Each season has its differences and benefits, and winter's highlights include the heavy arrival of migrating birds, camping with loved ones, and stargazing on cloudless nights. Colt Creek State Park boasts one of the darkest skies and winter provides some of the clearest skies, and together they make for fun nights of watching the stars, either from your hammock or through a telescope.

I'm amazed at the awesome adaptations of animals to cope with the changes in weather, and, personally, I love the arrival of the American robins and the numerous wading birds that find our lakes.

I invite you to visit us and spend time enjoying the wonderful opportunities for nature's gifts.

Our park rangers offer many exciting programs throughout the year, so check out our website or the "Events" section on the Friends of Colt Creek State Park's Facebook page to learn more about exciting park discoveries, important updates and details about special events.