Manager's Message

A view of Art Yerian driving a cart.

Art Yerian, Park Manager

Watching the sunrise on the beach during sea turtle nesting season or any day takes my breath away and helps to reset my mind for the day. Going down the beach looking for new nest activity makes me feel like a child at Christmas not knowing what the next turn will reveal  I have the pleasure of talking to all our visitors that walk the beach every morning and share my morning information with them too. I just love the smell of the ocean and the salt air. There are days that I have to pinch myself to make sure this is not a dream, I am so blessed to be a part of this.

After the beach there is nothing better than going to Lighthouse Café for breakfast. If you have not tried their fresh squeezed juice you are truly missing out. My wife loves the watermelon and I love pineapple. I just enjoy the view of both the beach and the lighthouse at this location.

Next stop the lighthouse and keepers Cottage give me the opportunity to talk with our park visitors. There is just so much history there that I just love sharing some of the stories and events that have taken place over the years. Not everyone knows that the Lighthouse is the oldest historic structure in Miami-Dade and I am so proud to be the one that has been entrusted to take care of it.

As I travel throughout the park I will stop by the fishing piers and see what everyone is catching and listen to some fish stories they like to share (the one that got away). I have seen people catch a lot of different species of fish that sometimes I am not sure what type of fish it is so it’s a learning experience for me too. Stopping in at the harbor gives me a chance to talk to our boat campers, and I am always looking for ways we can improve any of our services that we offer.

When time allows or when I have guests in town Boaters Grill has an awesome menu sure to please anyone not to mention the view. Both my wife and I love to stop in during the evenings and order some appetizers and then go sit and watch the sunset. The sunsets at the park are some of the most awesome ones you will ever see. So, if you see a line to get inside the park at 4:30 - 5 p.m. into the park and wonder why are all of these people coming so late? Well the word is out, go to area D in the park for the best sunsets you are ever going to see. I could watch it every night and I am sure that my friends would agree and have seen more than enough sunsets posted from me. The outdoors rejuvenates me and thanks to one person’s vision Mr. Baggs proves that you too can make a difference.

We are coming up on the 50 years of the park named in his honor. In 1969, the park was named in his honor on land that has now been protected from development. I would love to see our community here for our celebration and thank everyone for their continued support!