Manager's Message

Peter Krulder, smiling at the camera.

Pete Krulder, Park Manager

Anclote Key Preserve State Park

If you want to experience an unspoiled barrier island, Anclote Key is the place to go. Except for the area around the lighthouse, the remainder of the island remains undeveloped.

The fishing around the island is fantastic. The seagrass beds around the island have some of the best spotted seatrout fishing in the area and large snook prowl the beaches.  One of my favorite activities in the park is to put on a mask and snorkel and observe the abundant sea life that call the park waters home.

A favorite activity for bird lovers is to observe the thousands of birds that arrive on Three Rooker Island in the spring to nest. It is amazing to see so many birds in one place. Once you start seeing the young chicks running around you can see why staff work so hard to protect this valuable natural resource. You can do your part by observing the nesting activity from a distance.

For the really adventurous, primitive camping is allowed on the north end of Anclote Key. Imagine starting your day with the sun coming up drinking your coffee on a deserted beach. You can spend the day fishing the local waters and end the day watching the sun set while you are eating those fresh trout I spoke about earlier. There is no drinking water on the island so you will have to bring in everything that you need for your stay.

For the not so adventurous, just spending time relaxing on this beautiful beach, perhaps having a picnic is enough to reenergize anyone.

Please help us care for this valuable natural resource by remembering to pack out anything brought in with you.