Manager's Message

A woman stands in front of a large pavilion.

Terri Newmans, Park Manager

Now is a great time to visit - the weather is great, wildlife is active, and the views are spectacular! Whether you are looking for a great fishing spot, quite hiking trails or a place to ride your horse, Dunns Creek has something for everyone looking to experience...the Real Florida.

Please note that the kayak/canoe launch located on Dunns Creek is for non-motorized vessels only and is not considered an entrance to the park. There are only two designated entrances to the park at this point, one located off of U.S. 17 at the Blue Pond Trailhead and the other at 320 Sisco Road. It is in the plans to have an official entrance available from the water once a boat dock is built.

The Friends of Dunns Creek are currently fundraising to build a boat dock. If you are interested in helping, please visit their site for contact information.