Manager's Message

Tomoka State Park Manager Phil Rand smiling for the camera

Phil Rand, Park Manager

The view of the Tomoka River estuary and basin is spectacular. The park concession offers kayak and canoe rentals to paddle this serene setting.

Tomoka State Park has a rich history in the past starting at Tomoka Point where the Timucuan Native American village known as Nocoroco (Nōcō-rōcō) stood.

Nocoroco dates to almost 1,300 years ago, and today its shell midden is still visible. Spanish explorer Alvaro Mexia first visited the area in 1605 and noted the Native American villages throughout the area by describing their locations in relation to Nocoroco.

Our concession offers kayaks so you can paddle the same waters Native Americans did while viewing the natural settings of the Tomoka River Basin. 

Tomoka State Park is only six miles from the Atlantic Ocean and Scenic A1A. If you are visiting the Daytona Beach area, the Daytona Convention Center is 10 miles away and the Speedway is 15 miles away. Whether you are a beach goer, a race fan or a motorcyclist, we are a central location for your events. 

Tomoka State Park and its sister park, Bulow Creek State Park, make up over eight miles of the scenic drive known as the "loop." The loop offers a view of the way Florida was hundreds of years ago with oak trees that arch over the road creating a tunnel effect. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the view and the history of Tomoka Basin State Parks.

If you are planning a family camping event, we offer a rustic meeting building in the campground for rental. It is a favorite for camping families who want to have a large dinner get-together out of the elements.