Manager's Message

Manager's Message Suwannee River Wilderness State Trail

Dennis Parson, Park Manager

Come out and enjoy a paddling trip on the beautiful Suwannee River. The days are getting longer as we roll into the summer season, allowing you more hours on the river to take in and be a part of the natural beauty surrounding you. Warm morning temperatures provide an enjoyable start to your day as the sun rises over the trees. As the day warms up, the clear running springs found along the river beg you to stop for a swim. End your day with hot showers and a warm campfire in one of our five river camps. Currently the river is at an optimal level for paddling,

The river camps are intended to be used by paddlers or through hikers on the Florida Trail. To maintain the wilderness experience drive in camping is not available. Many private, state, and county locations are also available to stay overnight or restock supplies. Our homepage has all the information you need to plan your trip by using the links in bold print. Feel free to call us with any unanswered questions, or you can call one of the local outfitters who are also experts on the river conditions and accommodations.

The Suwannee River is ever changing, every visit will be unique. River conditions can change overnight depending on weather. As your visit approaches you can use the following website to check on conditions with the live river level readings at