Manager's Message

Dylan Gavagni, Park Manager

Dylan Gavagni, Park Manager

The warmer months of spring and summer provide some amazing scenery. From the thousand shades of brown across the pine flatwoods, to the fields of yellow and white across the wet prairie's. Come see that there is reprieve from the heat on our trails when you take time to sit on one of the new park benches on the trail. Sit under the shade of the dancing pine trees and witness all the life of spring, from the brand new white tail fauns, or the sandhill crane chicks walking close to mom, you will not be disappointed. Keep cool while riding a bike along park drive, you will see turkey, rosiette spoonbills, and of course a family favorite - brand new calves along the cattle pastures.

Opportunities for recreation by multiple user groups you are bound to find your place here, on the trail, along the river, or just on a bench come be amazed in the beauty and serenity of well managed conservation land.

Trails are designated to avoid sensitive ecosystems, and protect from the spread of exotic plants, please stay on marked trails for the long-term protection of this unique place, and for the safety of all user groups.

Plan ahead, pack appropriately, and most definitely enjoy your visit!