Manager's Message

The Cooler Months at St. Sebastian

Dylan Gavagni, Park Manager

Dylan Gavagni, Park Manager

The cooler months are upon us, and seasonal changes are evident in the colors. We may not have the leaves of the Smokies, but what we have is breathtaking nonetheless. The wildflower blooms and wiregrass fields are a result of our great resource management program. The trails are amazing and offer a short opportunity in early fall to spot a catesby's lily or lopsided indiangrass! The simple beauty of biodiversity is obvious in every square foot. The hard work of staff and volunteers has paid off.

Enjoy the more than 60 miles of multi-use trails, explore the visitor center or view the river from the manatee observation deck. Whatever you do, come enjoy the simple serenity of the preserve. Trails are currently very wet in places and are designed for you to stay on the path to avoid sensitive ecosystems. So please plan ahead, pack appropriately, and enjoy your visit!

Call the park office at 321-953-5005 for up-to-date conditions.