Hiking/Walking at Falling Waters

walking, trails, squirrels, history

Call it hiking, or walking or taking a stroll, the foot paths and trails of Falling Waters State Park are diverse enough to be many things to many people. 

Walking dog on a trail at Falling Waters

History lovers will enjoy the many culturally significant events that have occurred on these grounds. As you walk through the forest and enjoy the expansive views over the waving blue green blades of wiregrass, you’ll be a beneficiary of the fact that this is the first state park that utilized prescribed fire in these forests as a land management tool. 

On the search for interesting wildlife? Keep an eye out for the “giant” fox squirrels. These arboreal mammals will put a smile on your face as you watch them performing entertaining antics as they go about their daily routines in their playful manner.  

Falling waters pond

Maybe you’re more grounded and geology is your thing. Well, have we got just the features for you. Falling Waters State Park earned its name from the creek that cascades into a 74-foot-deep hole into the earth. As one of the highest points in Florida, the park is able to boast possession of the highest waterfall in the state. Seasonal conditions dictate whether it’s a trickle or a roaring flow, but no matter the volume, it’s always a spectacle worth seeing.

So come on out to Falling Waters State, then come again and again, and a few more times after that.  We’d love to have you become that guest who we can welcome by name.