Hiking trails at Seabranch Preserve

hiking trail

The best way to explore Seabranch Preserve State Park is by foot, and over 6 miles of hiking trails provide visitors ample opportunity to get out and experience the park. 

The hiking trails at Seabranch are divided into three sections: North Loop, South Loop and East Loop. 

  • The north and south loops take visitors through sand pine scrub, an ancient and endangered habitat. With bright white sugar sand underfoot and sand pine trees overhead, visitors will feel as though they have traveled back in time when sand pine scrub was found up and down Florida’s coast. 
  • The east loop trail offers something completely different, as you travel through pine flatwoods and baygall swamp. Along this trail you will find red and sweet bay trees, slash pine, saw palmetto and cabbage palm. 
  • The east loop allows for the normally harsh and inaccessible baygall ecosystem to be explored.

Next time you visit Seabranch Preserve State Park, be sure to spend some time on the hiking trails. This will truly allow you to experience the real Florida.