Hiking on Hontoon Island

Entrance to the Hammock Hiking Nature Trail

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Discover the beauty of Hontoon Island State Park by exploring one of our many nature trails. Evidence of Native American habitation over thousands of years can be witnessed as visitors hike through the park.

Hiking trail & kiosk at Hontoon

The Hammock Hiking Nature Trail is our most popular hiking path that leads you on a 3-mile round-trip journey to the Indian Shell Mound. The path is scattered with live oaks, Spanish moss, and wildflowers.

Hontoon Island has 8 miles of hiking trails throughout the park. Travel by foot as you wander through pine flatwoods plush with palmettos.

Enjoy scenic overlooks and natural features such as the park’s largest oak tree at Bear Tree Landing. Meander along with river while you hike to Nesmith Landing. You can pick up a hiking map at the ranger station. 

We recommend you bring:

  • Plenty of water, sunscreen, insect repellent and snacks.
  • Map, compass and cellphone.

Our trails are pet-friendly and bikes are welcome on all trails except the Hammock Hiking Nature Trail.

The park offers free entry and a park run ferry is available to bring you back and forth from the island.