Hiking Challenge

A trail marker on a hiking trail.

February is Florida Hiking Trails Month.

To celebrate, challenge yourself to complete 10 or more of these activities.


  • Find trails using the Florida Online Trail Guide.
  • Hike on a trail in a city park.
  • Hike on a trail in a Florida state park.
  • Hike with someone you know who hasn’t hiked before.
  • Hike with family or friends.
  • Attend a guided hike.
    • Need help finding one? Check the Events page.
  • Hike on a paved trail.
  • Hike on a natural surface trail.
  • Hike on a trail that passes or circles a lake or pond.
    • Take the Next Step: Bring a small white cup and a magnifying glass to look for living organisms in the lake/pond water.
  • Take a hike on a multi-use trail. Count how many hikers, bikers and equestrian users you see on the trail.
  • Wake up early and go on a sunrise hike.
  • Hike on a trail you haven’t visited before. Take steps to explore safely by downloading maps, bringing a phone and letting people know where you are.
  • Take a sensory hike: Identify five different textures and five different sounds along the trail.
  • Take a hike of any length at least once a week this month.
    • Take the Next Step: Hike a longer distance each time you go hiking this month.
  • Find a section of the Florida National Scenic Trail near you to day hike.
  • Go hiking with your pet.
  • Organize a group hike with people from your workplace, classroom, club or neighborhood.

Food while Hiking

  • Make your own trail mix for a hike.
  • Pack a healthy picnic and enjoy lunch on the trail. Be sure to practice Leave No Trace!

Wildlife Watching, Birding and Photography

  • Find evidence of wildlife on a hike: a nest, tracks, scat, etc.
  • Identify three different kinds of trees on a hike.
    • Take the Next Step: Use fallen leaves from each tree to make leaf rubbings with crayons and paper.
  • Take photos or sketch five different birds on a hike.
    • Take the Next Step: Identify birds using an app, the internet or a field guide.


  • Participate in a trail cleanup event near you.