Go Fishing at George Crady with Family

a man and woman with backs to the camera fish off of a concrete bridge

There is something authentic in teaching others a skill that will not only endow them with the ability to provide for themselves but that can also become a lifelong retreat and passion. It can rejuvenate the soul and connect you to your natural environment.

Sharing a day fishing with your family and friends can also make some of the best memories. Turn others on to the excitement of hooking into a big one and discovering what’s at the end of your line. Revel in the bounty that Mother Nature provides as you share recipes on how to enjoy the day’s catch.

Finally, soak in the sun and the community of anglers who share a passion for the outdoors and its restorative powers.

If you’ve never fished before, what’s stopping you? Locals and visitors, beginners and pros alike can still learn.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission provides a library of information on how to get started and offers frequent and free workshops for beginners. Ask a park ranger, bait salesman or regular visitor for advice on how to get started.

Visit the On the Line Bait and Tackle shop, our in-park outfitter, for gear and advice, or call them at 904-624-7293.

There are few other activities as economical and enjoyable for the whole family as fishing. Bring stories, games and a picnic to entertain all ages as you wait for a bite. Spend time enjoying the vistas and being surprised by what wildlife you may catch a glimpse of. Strike up a conversation with your neighbor and make connections that may last a lifetime or a least a fishing trip.

So what are you waiting for? Quit wishing and get fishing.