Experience the Waterfall

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One of Florida’s hidden jewels, a 74-foot waterfall is one of the most significant geological features in the state and the source of the park’s name, Falling Waters State Park.

Sections of boardwalk connect concrete walkways and natural dirt trails that leads visitors to many of the park’s features, including Florida's highest waterfall. The cascades are dependent on recent precipitation, which means a rainy day that might end other outdoor adventures, could result in an improved experience at this park.

Falling Waters State Park

Even when sunshine prevails, the view of this 100-foot-deep, 20-foot-wide cylindrical sinkhole with steep limestone walls that disappear into a cave at the bottom is a spectacle sure to provide you with amazing views to photograph.

To access the waterfall, follow the Wire Grass boardwalk trail that takes visitors to two viewing platforms. For the most immersive experience, the lower platform descends to a spot below the rim of the sinkhole where one can feel the mist off the water as it cascades down into the depths. The upper platform provides a higher and drier observation point. Viewers will notice that as the water hits the seemingly solid floor of the sinkhole very little if any water collects there.  It disappears into a hidden cave system below. While the waterfall’s source is easily discovered by any visitor, its destination remains unknown.

Rain or shine, Falling Waters State Park is a destination that is sure to provide you with an enjoyable outdoor experience.