Coast and Beaches of Lovers Key

A view of people sunbathing along the beach.

Barrier islands are formed by waves and tides, and they play an important role in protecting the coastline during storms. They are also home to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

There are over two miles of sugar-sand beaches at Lovers Key State Park. With the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop, the beach here is an amazing place for coastal fun. When the weather is warm, visitors come to swim, snorkel and splash in the gentle waves. In wintertime, picnic, search for shells and watch the wildlife. The beach here is a wonderful place to just sit and enjoy the sound of the waves and the gulf breeze.

You may catch sight of dolphins playing and hunting for fish offshore.  Visitors can join in by casting a line and to catch catch trout, redfish, snook and tarpon. On the bay side, castnetting for mullet is a popular activity. These bayside estuaries are ecologically rich, attracting bottlenose dolphin, West Indian manatees, and over 40 different species of birds.

Lovers Key was once destined to become a developed neighborhood. Today, it is preserved as a refuge for wildlife and so visitors can enjoy this special stretch of coast.