Beach and Coastal Hammock at Avalon

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Avalon State Park has 1.5 miles of dunes, coastal hammock and pristine beach. The beach is home to nesting shore birds and the dune is home to beach fauna and flora. Some of the native species that grow on our dunes and beaches are unique to this area and can be found only in Florida. Examples include Spanish bayonet, beach sunflower, indian blanket flower, sea purslane and beach morning glory vine.

Beach at Avalon

However, one of the most diverse habitats in the park is the coastal hammock, which is a unique mixture of hardwoods such as oaks, bay trees, sea grapes and many other beneficial natives. The best way to experience this natural Florida habitat is to explore the trails on the west side of the park where you can immerse yourself into the Real Florida.

Throughout the park, you might also see gopher tortoises. They are especially easy to spot when they are foraging for food on top of the dunes. The gopher tortoise is a keystone species because it digs burrows that provide shelter for at least 360 other animal species. Gopher tortoises often utilize the park's pedestrian pathways and trails, so head to Avalon State Park and keep an eye out for them!