2020 Distinguished Service Award

Janice Duquesnel

Janice Duquesnel

Distinguished Service Award

As one of the District 5 environmental specialists, Janice is charged with environmental issues that affect all the state parks in the Florida Keys. She is passionate about her job and works tirelessly to protect the fragile environment of the Keys.

Janice works with park staff to develop projects to support the mission. She also works to acquire funding for these projects.

She has organized the Resource Management Team projects since 2009. She schedules five projects a year plus a seagrass restoration project at Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park in the summer. She maintains a spreadsheet so that every park is rotated every two years or so.

What is accomplished at a park is determined by what the manager thinks is a resource priority. Although the team concentrates on exotic removal, they have also cleaned up shorelines, mulched nature trails, and planted native trees and shrubs. This is an excellent team building project and gives staff an opportunity to work in other parks and network with other park staff.

The Distinguished Service Award is awarded annually to recognize contributions that require a high degree of personal initiative, professionalism, leadership, effort or skill; must represent a significant benefit to the division; and must be made on a voluntary or special assignment basis completely above and beyond the requirements of the employee's position description.

2020 Florida State Parks Division Award Winner

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