Manager's Message

Michael Watkins, Park Manager

Michael Watkins, Park Manager

What makes Blue Spring State Park unique and special in my opinion is that during the colder months we are the best place to observe manatees and other wildlife such as fish, turtles, birds and alligators in their natural, well-protected habitat without disturbance by people. Then, during the warmer months, the park is a wonderful place for recreation, having fun in the sun, and cooling off in the first-magnitude spring that discharges over 100 million gallons of water daily into St. Johns River.

I know we have a lot to do here and I am sure you will find the right adventure that will appeal to you and help you connect with yourself and your surroundings. There is swimming, tubing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, or biking, hiking and even birding for rare birds like the bald eagle and Florida scrub jay.

Blue Spring has a designated carrying capacity. In the park planning process, officials from within our agency as well as partner agencies determined the daily load of people our resources and facilities can accommodate without degrading the park's resources and accounting for visitor safety. When the park has reached capacity, no day-use visitors will gain entry into the park until parking becomes available.

Here at Blue Spring we also have camping and cabins. That car you see leaving may not have actually freed up a spot for you to park. That being said, park staff works extremely hard to make sure all of the spots are filled.

We have plenty of room for you, your family and friends to barbecue and picnic in the day-use area near the water. Once you are in the park, you will be able to order lunch, visit the gift shop, rent canoes and kayaks, or enjoy a guided boat tour from one of our concessionaires.

And remember, please respect any wildlife in its natural habitat.