Volunteer Spotlight, Steve Ruffin

A photo of Steve Ruffin at Rish

Volunteer Spotlight, Steve Ruffin 

Always eager to help people and show his love for the outdoors, Steve Ruffin is one of our superstar volunteers at William J. "Billy Joe" Rish Recreation Area. Steve graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in forestry and has continued to find ways to spend time in the outdoors by volunteering at the park.

Throughout the years, Steve has found great peace in being in nature. With every animal and every plant having a purpose and a place, Steve has great respect for the interdependence demonstrated throughout everyday occurrences in nature. 

He is a man of many trades and often will lend a hand to any opportunity when volunteering at William J. "Billy Joe" Rish Recreation Area. Volunteering is Steve's way of being a steward for the land. He feels a sense of service toward park guests, and he loves knowing that he's made a positive impact on the land, sea, wildlife and park visitors with his extensive knowledge of the landscape or his leadership of an interpretive program. 

"I connect with this park on an emotional level, and I think somehow I'm meant to be here," Steve said. "It may sound funny, but I think this park has been waiting on me to discover it. I feel a sense of purpose I've never experienced. When I think of this park and its purpose, I feel a satisfaction knowing we bring an experience to people that may not otherwise have the opportunity."

Steve's devotion to the park and to bettering the environment is an inspiration to us all. We are thankful for his service at William J. "Billy Joe" Rish Recreation Area. 

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