VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT, Cotton and Patti Skinner

Cotton and Patti receive their award.

Volunteer Spotlight, Cotton and Patti Skinner

Cotton and Patti Skinner are the recipients of the 2022 Team of Two of the Year for Visitor Services. 

Cotton and Patti Skinner began volunteering at Three Rivers State Park in 2019.

As campground hosts, the pair takes great pride in the appearance of the park. They mow, weed eat, trim and prune the grounds. They also get their feet wet by helping maintain the reeds that grow along the shoreline, which have the potential to take over the shoreline, blocking access and views of the lake.

Cotton and Patti clean the campsites and fire rings while also stocking and selling firewood, renting canoes and kayaks, and maintaining and cleaning the fish cleaning station. They accomplish all this while enjoying their work and providing visitors with exceptional service.

As full-time campground hosts, they understand what makes a campground user friendly, but they also use the facilities themselves and understand the importance of functionality.

Patti also works at camper registration. Cotton has also been caught doing great things for visitors who need help with fishing, bait and tackle. He always is willing to engage visitors in conversation.

Congratulations, Cotton and Patti. Your skills and dedication are appreciated.

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