Stargazing at Big Lagoon

A view of the stars between the trees.

In 2011, Big Lagoon State Park began partnering with the Escambia Amateur Astronomers Association to host stargazing events for the community. The goal is not only to introduce people to the wonder of the nighttime sky, but also to educate them about the stars, planets and constellations that they find.

What’s best about these events is that the sky can be seen without all the usual distraction of city lights and noises. The event is held on select weekends when the moon is at three-quarters full, the perfect amount of natural light needed to get a great view. You actually can see the rings of Saturn and the nebulae and galaxies that surround our planet.

The association will guide your use of the telescopes and other equipment and help you discover the natural wonder of space. You’ll be filled with awe as you realize just how grand the universe is as you tour the dark sky.

Please contact the park for current use fees for equipment rental and event times.