Paddle Western Lake

Two kayaks, each with an adult and a child, paddle on the coastal dune lake.

Enjoy a day on the water at Grayton Beach State Park. Explore the backwaters of Western Lake, a 100-acre coastal dune lake surrounded by the natural areas of the state park. Coastal dune lakes occur in only a few places around the world, so exploring this rare geological phenomenon is a treat.

Bring your own canoe or kayak or rent a NuCanoe or tandem kayak from the ranger station. NuCanoe and kayak rentals are provided through the Friends of Grayton Beach and Deer Lake State Parks. The calm tranquil waters of the coastal dune lake are suitable for paddlers of all experience levels.

NuCanoes and kayaks are conveniently located at the lake shoreline. 

Tandem kayak rentals are $35 for a half-day or $50 for a full day. NuCanoe Rentals are $15 for a half-day or $25 for a full day. 

Aerial view of Western Lake, a coastal dune lake.