Observation Tower at Big Lagoon

A landscape view of the marshes at Big Lagoon.

Big Lagoon State Park is an expansive piece of land that houses a variety of diverse creatures and flora. If you climb to the top of the three-story observation tower, the lay of the land will astound you. From the top, allow yourself a moment to take in everything that surrounds you - from towering dunes to low-lying swamplands.

Big Lagoon Observation Tower

As you look out upon the coastal wetland, you can see the nine distinct natural communities that make up this state park. Lakes, ponds, streams and rivers dot the landscape and provide water for the plants and animals that inhabit this area. The slow-moving waters of the marsh provide an excellent home for the American alligator and hunting ground for the osprey.

Grand Lagoon Lake is one of the largest habitats in the park. Striped mullet, sheepshead, pinfish and Southern stingray are just a few of the species of fish that can be found in the 44-acre saltwater lake. You may see black skimmers swooping in and out of the water for a meal. Gopher tortoises, brown bats and deer can also be seen in the area.

Also in the park is the Sand Pine Loop, a 3.5-mile trail that takes you past sandy beaches, shallow bays full of seagrass, and scrubby flatlands. Get a first-hand look at the golden asters, sea oats and jointweed that decorate the landscape. This trail is suitable for all levels of hiking, walking and running.