Manager's Message

A view of the Lake June-in-Winter entrance sign.

Victor (Morgan) Tyrone, Park Manager

Lake June-in-Winter Scrub Preserve State Park is one of the rarest ecosystems protected within the Florida Park Service. The 845 acres of Lake June, located in beautiful Lake Placid, are predominately scrub habitat and contain the highest concentration of rare plants and animals in North America. 

The endemic Florida scrub-jay makes its home here, and there are excellent opportunities for observing this gregarious, beautiful blue bird.  

Here you will find a unique park experience, best suited for those seeking solitude, scenic beauty and nature study. It can be very hot on the trails, so travel safely. Bring drinking water (not available within the park), a compass, camera, binoculars, insect repellent and either a companion or cellphone. Wear sunblock, a hat, and sturdy footwear suitable for hiking. Brochures with a map are available at the honor fee station at the park entrance.  After the closure of the park due to the pandemic, all visitors entering the park are expected to pay at the station and reminded that exact change is required.  Visitors are instructed to remove the tear away tag from the envelope and hang this from the vehicle’s rearview mirror or place it on the dashboard. 

For the protection of the many endangered plant species, please remain on fire lanes or designated trails. Your interest and support in protecting these "ancient islands" are greatly appreciated. Your interest and support in protecting these "ancient islands" are greatly appreciated. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are not permitted in the park

Resource management conducted this year include a watershed study and trail maintenance. Prescribed fire, which replicates the natural fire regime of scrub and other fire-dependent communities, also is conducted, weather conditions permitting. Burning is conducted in accordance with a scheduled rotation to minimize potential wildfires and improve conditions for endangered and/or threatened species, including the Florida scrub-jay, the Eastern indigo snake, the gopher tortoise and other wildlife species. 

For information, inquiries and concerns about Lake June, please call Highlands Hammock State Park at 863-386-6094, ext. 0.