Manager's Message

Bryon Maxwell, Park Manger

Bryon Maxwell, Park Manager

I am excited to welcome boaters and kayakers back to Cayo Costa State Park. 

Our staff has been working to ensure the beach and gulf side restroom are safe and ready for your visit. We are excited for you to visit our beautiful beach and make memories with your family and friends. Many of the amenities you are used to seeing here are gone. Please be patient. Some parts of the park remain closed, so please adhere to all posted signs and avoid closed areas. 

This island was significantly impacted by Hurricane Ian, a devastating category 4 storm that destroyed much of the park's infrastructure.

As a result, there is no electricity or drinking water. Please bring everything you need and please take everything with you.

The ferry service is not operating yet. Additionally, there are no overnight accommodations on the island. 

The native flora and fauna have bounced back with palm trees, hardwoods, and pines showing signs of life, while gopher tortoises, shorebirds, manatees and alligators are thriving in their habitats. We have been closely monitoring shorebird and sea turtle nesting seasons.

Our staff here at Cayo Costa State Park hope you will come join us and enjoy the incredible resources of the park.