Manager's Message

Park Manager Sally Lieb standing next to a big tree

Sally Lieb, Park Manager

Silver Springs State Park is a place for memories and discovery.  So many of our visitors come in telling us, “I remember when I came here as a child…” and then they share their stories with us.  This amazing group of springs and surrounding uplands has a very long history of human interaction compared with Florida’s brief geologic history.  From the times of prehistoric occupation 14,000 years ago to the present, many changes have occurred, from major shifts in climate, wildlife and habitats through various enormous changes in modern times during the past 250 years.  Please come experience Silver Springs! 

There are many ways to experience this fascinating place.  Get a taste of the main feature and refresh your childhood memories through the Glass Bottom Boat ride and walking trails. Immerse yourself further by camping with us or staying in a cabin and hiking our many designated trails.  If you are up for a challenge, go off into the deep woods, finding old trails and ancient oaks like the one I’m standing next to, which is located way off the beaten path.  If you do wander deep into the forest, better have your compass, water, and insect repellent. You are on your own if you venture into the wilder parts of this 4,666 acre park, but what a marvelous experience! 

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