Hiking at South Fork

A view of the scrub land at South Fork.

South Fork State Park is one of Florida’s smaller parks, but that doesn’t mean that it has any less value. Most sought out for its undeveloped landscape, South Fork is a lush wonderland that allows visitors to get a taste of …the Real Florida.

Of the many activities that can be done here, hiking is by far the most popular. Sandy trails wind through the park, taking you through scenic scrub environments. The mostly flat horizon allows you to look out across the landscape where you won’t see a building in sight. You’ll feel a thousand miles away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. The peace and quiet will allow you to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and let your worries fade away with each step.

Explore to your heart’s content, seeing all that the park has to offer. Along the way you may encounter a variety of wildlife, including gopher tortoise, gray foxes and white-tailed deer. Up above, swallow-tailed kite and Florida scrub jays may pass by, soaring through the sky.

Overall, Beker - South Fork is a quaint little park where you can spend time truly reconnecting with nature. Delve into this immense wonderland with endless opportunities to discover something new.

Experience the trails for yourself with a visit to South Fork State Park.