Hiking the Ravines

A dirt trail runs through a stand of trees with green leaves.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The 2.5-mile Azalea Trail winds through the ravine systems of Ravine Gardens State Park. Rustic and shady, the route treats hikers to historic suspension bridges, stone staircases and, during blooming season, views of the park that cannot be matched. Hikers will encounter narrow and steep paths, muddy bottoms, roots and stairs to scramble over and an overall engaging experience. 

For those looking for a less challenging, but equally pleasing experience, the park offers the Main Park Drive Loop. This path includes a 1.8-mile paved loop that follows the boundaries of the ravine systems. Hikers are treated to views of the ravines from above and as they continue along the path will ultimately wind through the bottom of the system. During the park's blooming season (January through March), hikers will be surrounded by the park's signature flower, the azalea, along with several native trees and flowers that also bloom during this period. 

Azaleas in Bloom along the Azalea Trail at Ravine Gardens