Volunteer Spotlight, Ken McClure

Headshot of volunteer Ken McClure.

Ken McClure

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Ken McClure came to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens from another local state park. He has been such an incredible addition to our team here at Maclay Gardens. From day one, he has been ready, willing and able to accomplish any task he has been given. Ken’s positive outlook and pleasant demeanor have been a great asset for both staff and visitors.

Ken offered to rebuild our garden cart, which holds tools, plants and flowers and can haul several pounds of debris to our burn pile. The cart had been needing some TLC and a remodel. He was quick to take it apart and rebuild it, giving it fresh wood and a new paint job. He attached PVC piping to the sides to hold tools safely and efficiently. While completing that task, he finished a few others at the same time.

For the past few months, Ken has served on the front lines as our toll collector in the ranger station. Ken stepped up and has been fulfilling two 10-hour shifts in the ranger station. This task has been an incredible help to the park so staff can complete other necessary projects around the park.

Thank you, Ken, for all you do - it does not go unnoticed!

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