Staff Spotlight, Scott Groves

Scott Groves, Park Services Specialist

Park Services Specialist, Scott Groves

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Scott Groves was born in Tallahassee and was raised in Norcross, Georgia. He moved back to Tallahassee after college and has been at Maclay Gardens for 11 years. 

Scott is an avid photographer and is known for his good eye with the camera. He will be one of three photographers featured in a Maclay Gardens 2021 Calendar.

Although Scott oversees our trail system at the park, and despite his love for all areas of the park, his favorite spot is in the historic garden when it is in full bloom. His favorite bloom grows on the Japanese magnolia.

Scott chose to work for the Florida Park Service because of his love for the outdoors and all Florida wildlife. He is the park's guide for the monthly full moon paddles on Lake Hall. Scott's favorite part of the job is educating/interpreting to young children. Scott is a huge asset to this park and we are so glad that he has chosen to be here!

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