The Outsiders Club

The Outsiders Club

"The Outsiders Club" is an exciting 30-minute program starring kids who explore the great outdoors and model ways to pursue a healthier, more active, nature-connected lifestyle. Each episode is set in a beautiful Florida State Park and features an outdoor adventure, such as camping, fishing, kayaking or hiking. Plus, our Nutritional Moments provide fun, easy tips on staying healthy while you’re adventuring in the great outdoors! If you’re a kid who’s looking for awesome ways to get your exercise fix while having fun (and staying safe!) outside, then look no further than "The Outsiders Club". Tune in and join the adventure!

Watch episodes of The Outsiders Club, featuring Florida State Parks.  Join the cast as they take you to five different parks to learn about ten great outdoor recreations. The kids will visit several locations to learn all about keeping it active and keeping it outside. 

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