Staff Spotlight, Janice Sanders

Janice Sanders Park Ranger

Park Ranger, Janice Sanders

Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park has been a big part of Janice Sanders life for over 25 years. Her first connection was as a camper, then she started volunteering, she then became a ranger in 2013.

Janice has special insights when it comes to serving our customers, she's been there before. Janice also works well with the volunteers, she's walked a mile in their shoes.

Janice's personality is helpful and caring. During the recent park closure she asked if she could sew masks for the staff and volunteers. Once that task was complete she, with the help of a few fellow rangers, proceeded to make masks for other state park employees. When those requests were fulfilled Janice did not stop sewing. She came home every night after work and made masks for the community. The masks were distributed to local grocery stores, food banks, and essential workers.

To date she has produced over 1,500 masks using more than 18,000 yards of thread. When you look around the community and see all those masks, on all those faces, you see Janice Sanders smile shining through. 

With people like Park Ranger Janice at Bahia Honda State Park, you know you are going to get great customer service from someone who really cares.

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