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Wheelchair accessible icon

MacArthur Beach - Accessible Amenities

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is committed to providing a variety of accessible amenities to all of its visitors.

Those amenities include:

 *Beach Wheelchair

 *Manual Wheelchair

 *Picnic pavilion and benches



 *Beach Access

 *Kayak Launch

Beaches icon

MacArthur Beach - Beach

Come relax or play on our nearly two miles of pristine beach. Shelling, walking, playing in the waves and watching the beautiful Atlantic are popular activities. 

Boating icon

MacArthur Beach - Boating

Boaters can access Munyon Island by tying up to the protected docks available on the island’s west shore, adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway. While at the island, visitors can enjoy picnicking at one of several picnic pavilions, hiking trails, fishing, bird watching, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Canoeing and Kayaking icon

MacArthur Beach - Canoeing and Kayaking

Rent one of our single or double kayaks and explore the estuary. Manatees, Great Blue Herons and Osprey are some of the wildlife you will see. Call the Beach Outfitters and Gift Store at (561) 776-7449, ext. 101, for more details.

Single Kayak - Hourly - $12.00 / Half-day (4 hours) - $30.00 / Full Day - $50.00

Double Kayak - Hourly - $18.00 / Half-day (4 hours) - $45.00 / Full Day - $60.00

Participation Requirements

Kayak Use:

In order to participate in this program, one:

  • Must not exceed the manufacturer’s weight limit for the vessel which is 450 lbs.
  • Must have the ability to follow verbal and/or visual instructions independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Must have the ability to wear properly fitted personal flotation device.
  • Must have the ability to enter and exit the kayak independently or with the assistance of a companion or with the use of adaptive equipment.
  • Must have the ability to remain seated, maneuver, and balance independently or with assistance of a companion or with the use of adaptive equipment.
  • Must have at least one person in the kayak with the ability to move it through the water in a stable manner and return it to the launching area.
  • Must have the ability to paddle for at least one hour.
  • Must have the ability to tolerate direct sunlight for at least one hour.
  • Must have the ability to paddle in changing weather conditions (i.e. increasing winds, rain, etc.).
  • Must be able to tolerate a sitting position for up to one hour without back or leg circulation problems.

In the event of capsize, one:

  • Must have the ability to get out from under the watercraft, independently.
  • Must have the ability to right oneself and remain face up in the water with the aid of a personal flotation device.
Fishing icon

MacArthur Beach - Fishing

Fishing is allowed in designated areas.


All fishing within the park must conform to regulations concerning size, number, method of capture and season. A fishing license may be required. More information is available at the Florida Wildlife Commission’s Fishing in Florida.

Geoseeking icon

MacArthur Beach - Geo-Seeking

Geocaching is an outdoor game using hand-held global positioning systems (GPS) devices. It's effectively an inexpensive, interactive, high-tech treasure hunt that's a great way to learn geography. Participants use location coordinates to find caches. Some caches are easy to find; others are more difficult. The biggest reward is the thrill of the search and the discovery of a place where you have never been. Geocaching should have minimal impact to the environment and conscientious land use ethics should be followed.

The Operation Recreation GeoTour hosted by, stretches from Pensacola to Key West and includes 71 of the First Three Time National Gold Medal Award Winning Florida state parks and trails. Visit 20 caches and win the Official Operation Recreation Geocoin.

Download and print the Official Tracking Sheet to begin your adventure. Remember to cache and save with unlimited entry for a year with the Florida State Parks Annual Pass

The Florida Park Service is proud to announce it has launched the Operation Recreation Kids GeoTour. Look inside Operation Recreation GeoTour geocaches for one of six possible Nature Cards. Every cache has one of six species. Record the name of the Florida State Park where you first find each of the six species on the Kids Official Tracking Sheet. Find all six species and win the ORGT Kids GeoTour Geocoin!

Hiking and nature trail icon

MacArthur Beach - Hiking Nature Trail

The park has three nature trails for visitors to explore.


Participation Requirements

Self & Guided Nature Trail Walks

In order to participate in this program, one:

  • Must have the ability to follow visual and/or verbal instructions independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Must have the ability to withstand exposure to outdoor elements for a period of 60 minutes.
  • Must have the ability to traverse wet, sandy, and uneven terrain for up to ¾-mile independently or with the assistance of a companion.
Picnicking icon

MacArthur Beach - Picnicking

There are two picnic pavilions and several picnic tables located throughout the park. The North Pavilion (more secluded) has 10 tables and accommodates approximately 80 people. It also has bathrooms, water and electricity. The Nature Center pavilion has nine tables and accommodates approximately 72 people. Electricity is available. Bathrooms, snack machines and a water fountain are located nearby. Grills are also located at each pavilion for visitors to use. The charge to rent one of these pavilions is $100.00 per day.

Scuba diving icon

MacArthur Beach - Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and scuba diving is permitted. A 'Diver-Down' flag, for snorkelers and divers, is required by law and is available for rent at the Gift Shop. 

If you plan on scuba diving, keep in mind the reefs are in shallow water and it is a long haul to take scuba equipment to the beach. 

Swimming icon

MacArthur Beach - Swimming

Swimming is allowed from anywhere on our beach, depending upon the status of the beach safety flags. 

Visitor center icon

MacArthur Beach - Visitor Center

The nature center features displays depicting the park's natural communities and live animal exhibits. Visitors may also view a 15-minute video on the park. The nature center is open daily from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m and is your best source of information about the Park.  The Ranger or Volunteer will greet you at the Information Desk, provide details on daily or future events, answer your questions and assist you in getting the most out of your visit. 

The interpretive exhibits provide a great opportunity to better understand the history and ecology of the Park, including the Sea Turtle Tank which hosts a resident loggerhead sea turtle, Maritime Hammock/Terrestrial Animals Exhibit, Mangrove Aquarium and Exhibit, Under the Sea Reef Room Aquarium and Exhibit and the Natural Communities Exhibit, a look from land to sea.

Wildlife viewing icon

MacArthur Beach - Wildlife Viewing

In addition to numerous species of shore and wading birds, the park is a prime nesting site for sea turtles. Large numbers of loggerhead, green and leatherback turtles nest from early May through late August.