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Wheelchair accessible icon

Amelia Island - Accessible Amenities

Amelia Island State Park is committed to providing a variety of accessible amenities to all of its visitors. Those amenities include:


Beaches icon

Amelia Island - Beaches

Amelia Island State Park offers over 200 acres of undeveloped sea island recreational opportunities. This beach is a perfect place to relax and unwind, search for seashells, surf fish, and possibly view some rare wildlife, such as the right whale or the piping plover.

Visitors to coastal parks are reminded to pay close attention to the Warning Flag Signs posted at welcome stations and on the beaches. These flags indicate the swimming conditions at the beach. Double red flags mean absolutely no swimming because of high winds and undertow currents; yellow means swim with caution and stay close to shore; green means that the waters are safe; purple means that marine pests are present.

Please use caution! Lifeguards are not provided.

Bicycling icon

Amelia Island - Bicycling

The paved Timucuan Trail bike path at the park connects the northern six-mile segment to Peters Point Park on Amelia Island with the A1A driving bridge that crosses the Nassau Sound to Big Talbot Island and an additional 4 miles of off road trail. Bicyclists can park at Amelia Island to ride either south or north along the trail. Helmets are highly recommended for all cyclists and Florida law requires helmets for cyclists age 16 and under.

Birding icon

Amelia Island - Birding

Amelia Island State Park is one of the premier sites along the eastern section of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail. Shorebirds such as least terns, piping plovers, wilson’s plovers, willets and black skimmers feed and rest along the shoreline. Overhead, osprey, pelicans and royal terns grace the skies. During winter and early spring, Bald Eagles may be seen fishing these waters. During the spring and summer, shorebirds such as the least tern and wilson's plover nest on the sandy beaches. Seasonal beach closures, especially at the southern point, are in effect during the months of March - September to safeguard the nesting parents and their vulnerable chicks. Bring your binoculars and your bird check list on your visit.

Canoeing and Kayaking icon

Amelia Island - Canoeing and Kayaking

Kayak Amelia is Amelia Island State Park's canoe and kayak visitor service provider. Located on AIA between Little Talbot and Big Talbot Island about six miles south of Amelia Island State Park, Kayak Amelia offers everything from basic rentals to special focus guided trips. The facility provides local information including maps, safety information and recommended routes for the experience you desire. Inside the concession, you'll find snacks and drinks, restrooms and souvenirs. Canoe and kayak rentals are available on-site or bring your own and utilize their hand launch ramp ($1.00 per person fee).

Kayak Amelia's guided paddles include birding paddles, tai-chi paddles, sunset and full-moon paddles, and special focus paddles. All guided trips include instruction, snack and interpretation. Long Island Outfitters is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm throughout the year, but is closed on Wednesdays, December through February. For additional information contact Kayak Amelia at 904-251-0016 or the Ranger Station at Little Talbot Island State Park (904-251-2320).

Fishing icon

Amelia Island - Fishing

Nassau Sound is one of the best fishing areas in northeast Florida and home to the state record flounder. Fishing is popular from the shore of Amelia Island State Park as well as from the adjacent George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park that spans Nassau Sound. The fishing pier is closed to vehicle traffic and offers the bridge angler a mile of pier to wet their line in hopes of catching the next record fish or tonight's dinner. Many different species of fish, such as whiting, redfish, flounder, speckled sea trout, jacks, and tarpon can be caught.

Redfish and speckled sea trout are available throughout the year, but higher numbers are available in the spring and fall. Popular baits, including mullet and shrimp, can be caught along the shoreline using a cast-net. Artificial baits are also very popular. Along the south end of the fishing bridge, several small grass flats hold a wide variety of fish. Tarpon follow the fall mullet run into Nassau Sound and gorge themselves before continuing their migration to more southern waters.
Nassau Sound Bait and Tackle is currently closed. Contact the Ranger Station at 904-251-2320 for more information. NOTE: The restroom facilities are open to the public.

All fishing within the park must conform to regulations concerning size, number, method of capture and season.  A fishing license may be required.  More information is available at the Florida Wildlife Commission’s Fishing in Florida.


Horse and equestrian trails icon

Amelia Island - Horse Equestrian Trail

Kelly Seahorse Ranch offers guided, beachfront horseback riding along the shore of Nassau Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Amelia Island by saddling up and taking a ride with Kelly's experienced staff, and gentle, well-trained horses. One of the most enjoyable ways to witness many of the island animals in their natural habitat is by horseback. Riders regularly see playful dolphins, soaring great blue herons, wood storks and ospreys. Keep an eye towards the ocean and you might see one of our rare visitors, the endangered Right whale.

Rides go out at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. daily. For reservations and prices, call (904) 491-5166. Kelly Seahorse Ranch has a quaint gift shop with T-shirts and sweatshirts, cowboy/cowgirl beach hats, baseball caps, visors, souvenirs, various sundries such as sunscreen and insect repellent and handmade western jewelry. For more information of products offered contact Kelly Seahorse Ranch.

Visitors may also enjoy Amelia Island on their own horse. Since the park's capacity is 15 privately-owned horses at one time at Amelia Island, riders must contact the Little Talbot Island ranger station at (904) 251-2320 prior to visiting the park to ensure availability. Riders must call before getting on the beach to check in at the start of their ride and call again when they return from their ride. For more information on horseback riding, please contact the Ranger Station at (904) 251-2320. Note that Florida law requires proof of current negative Coggins test for all horses.

We request that equestrian riders practice proper horse riding etiquette while riding in the park. When passing another group of riders, be sure to allow plenty of space between the groups. All horses should be kept at a walk when approaching, passing and just after passing other riders. If passing from the rear, you should announce your presence as you near the other group. Please note that the county rules are enforced beyond the park boundary north of the breakwater on Amelia Island.

Picnicking icon

Amelia Island - Picnicking

The sunny shores of Amelia Island State Park are the perfect place for a picnic. Pack your lunch and eat on the beach or use the picnic table located next to the Bait and Tackle restrooms.

Restroom facilities icon

Amelia Island - Restroom Facilities

Limited restroom facilities are located at the Kelly Seahorse Ranch and at the bait and tackle shop on the George Crady Fishing Pier Bridge.

Shelling icon

Amelia Island - Shelling

Shelling is a favorite pastime of many visitors and the beaches of Ameila Island are a great place to find them. Collectors can find a multitude of species, including clam, scallop, oyster, and periwinkle. Plan your shelling around the low phase of the tide, which exposes the most beach area. Search in the "shell line" where the highest waves stop as they come upon the beach and deposit groups of shells.

Showers icon

Amelia Island - Showers Day Visitors

An outdoor shower is located adjacent to the Bait and Tackle restrooms.

Wildlife viewing icon

Amelia Island - Wildlife Viewing

Amelia Island State Park is the perfect place for viewing shore birds. Black Skimmers, piping plovers, terns (including the threatened least tern), brown pelicans, and many other birds can be observed in the park. You may even catch a glimpse of a rare right whale or a Bald Eagle during the winter and early spring. Please obey posted signs that protect critical shore bird nesting areas.

Amelia Island State Park is one of the premier sites along the eastern section of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.