Swimming at Blue Spring

Swimming at Blue Spring

Take a Refreshing Swim in... the Real Florida! 

Blue Spring State Park frequently reaches capacity during the week and on the weekends during the summer months. To avoid waiting, visit the park early. During the summertime, there is a possibility of manatees being in the spring run. Swimming with the manatees is NOT permitted. 

Beat the summer heat at Blue Spring State Park - with a variety of activities at your disposal, you’re sure to have tons of fun in the sun!

Swimming at Blue Spring

With the sun high in the sky, splashing about in the refreshing, 72-degree water is the perfect way to cool off. Start your adventure at the upper entrance of the spring to make sure that you see the entirety of this gorgeous waterway.

To reach the upper entrance of the spring, take a short walk on the boardwalk. As you walk along the path, take in the woodland area that surrounds the spring. The natural beauty of the area makes you feel like you’re secluded away in your own paradise.

Once you reach the spring entrance, feel free to wade in the shallow waters near the banks, or fully immerse yourself in the pristine waters.

For a challenge, swim upstream to reach the spring boil. Here you can see the opening of the stream and even snorkel into the deeper waters for an extraordinary underwater view of the spring. From the boil, you can lazily drift down the crystal-clear spring run.

Visit the park’s concession shop for all your water adventure needs. Here you can rent lockers, tubes and swimming gear such as goggles and snorkels. The shop also has snacks.

In addition to swimming, Blue Spring has three pavilions available on a first-come, first-served basis. These pavilions are a great place to relax with friends and family. They’re also located near the lawn where you can sunbathe, have a picnic or even barbecue. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll enjoy your time at Blue Spring State Park!

Tubers and snorkelers at Blue Spring

Tubing and snorkeling at Blue Spring boil


  • Tube rentals are available through the park's concessionaire. You can enter the water at the upper entry, swim to the spring boil, and float back down to the main swim dock. The float run lasts about an eighth of a mile.
  • Individual size flotation devices are allowed in the swimming area; however, tubes cannot exceed 6 feet tall or 6 feet wide.


Snorkeler at Blue Spring

  • Blue Spring offers snorkeling in a crystal-clear spring run. Swimming with the manatees is not permitted.
  • Children and non-swimmers should be accompanied by an adult swimmer at all times.
  • No lifeguards are on duty. Snorkelers and swimmers do so at their own risk.

Scuba Diving

Blue Spring State Park is pleased to allow access for responsible, certified divers. To ensure the safety of all divers and other visitors, the following criteria must be met:

  • All divers must show proof of certification before diving and leave certifications visible on the dashboard of the car (digital copy not accepted).
  • All divers must have a dive buddy and remain together for the duration of each and every dive.
  • Cavern and cave diving is available only to certified cave divers.
  • Open water divers are permitted to 50 feet.
  • Open water divers are not permitted to carry lights.
  • Instructors conducting a class must have a commercial dive permit.
  • Divers dive at their own risk.
  • No solo diving is permitted.
  • Dives cannot extend past 5 p.m.
  • No scooters (DPVs) or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
  • No fishing.
Woman swimming underwater at Blue Spring