Manager's Message

William Bailey, Park Manager, Florida Caverns State Park

William Bailey, Park Manager

Welcome to Florida Caverns State Park! It is my pleasure to invite you to visit one of the eight original CCC-developed parks within the Florida Park Service.

Visitors with a keen eye will enjoy spotting the park's abundant wildlife, which includes the Sherman’s fox squirrel, white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail, bobcat and even wild turkeys. 

Florida Caverns would like to help our visitors create lasting memories filled with laughter and learning. Explore the Bluff and Beech Magnolia trails around the visitor center and see rare Appalachian Mountain species right here in Florida. Can you believe that there are over 600 plant species found in the park?

Interested in geology? Take an above-ground tour of the karst topography of the park including a tunnel cave on the Bluff Trail or the disappearing Chipola River at the boat landing. Visit the museum to learn about how cave formations grow or sign up at the gift shop for a real underground experience into Florida’s only cave developed for tours!

Is history your passion? Did you know that Andrew Jackson visited the natural bridge in what’s now the park and described Native Americans using caves in the area? The park’s visitor center interprets the extensive human history of Florida Caverns from the Native Americans who used the caves daily to the CCC and WPA development of the park during the Great Depression.

Come make a memory with us today!