Florida Park Service Ranger Association

Florida Park Service Ranger Association
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The Florida Park Service Ranger Association supports the Florida Park Service and its employees. By donating to the James Cook Memorial Humanitarian Relief Fund, you support employees and their families personal and financial recovery from Hurricane Michael.

Hurricane Michael’s storm surge washed employee houses off their foundations and/or flooded through homes, taking possessions with it and soaking everything left behind. Falling trees and strong winds tore through roofs and windows, leaving the interiors vulnerable to heavy rains. In one case, a power surge burned a part-time employee’s home to the ground. The Ranger Association hand delivered her a check. 100% of your donation to the relief fund will go to these employees and families in need. No gift is too small.

Park rangers, biologists, managers, administrators and support staff are the stewards of state parks. They are the heart of the Florida Park Service, working at modest wages and dedicated to maintaining, interpreting and preserving the natural resources for the enjoyment of all visitors.

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