Koreshan Cooking

Two volunteers dressed in traditional Koreshan clothing.

One of the signature experiences at Koreshan State Park is the opportunity to sample the foods that the Koreshans ate during their time on the settlement. Created and led by knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers, the experience offers a glimpse into the daily world of the Koreshan Unity Settlement. 

Experience traditional Koreshan foods and desserts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The meal is prepared from scratch and cooked in our historic 19th-century wood-burning stove. Eat as the Koreshans did by partaking in the simple and unique foods of their times.

Samples such as white and wheat bread, soups, mango and lemon pie, and bread pudding are given out at the Cast Iron Café in the industrial area of the Koreshan settlement. There is no additional cost to experience these delights, but donations to our citizen support organization are appreciated.