Florida State Parks Foundation

Florida State Parks Foundation
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The Florida State Parks Foundation is our statewide nonprofit partner supporting the system of state parks. For parks that do not have a friends group, the foundation provides support. The foundation’s mission is to support and help sustain the Florida Park Service through programs that:

  • Preserve and protect state parks.
  • Increase universal access to state parks.
  • Educate and bring children to state parks.
  • Educate decision-makers about the value of state parks.
  • Encourage community engagement and active use of state parks.
  • Provide financial support for park projects that supplement state and friends group funding.

The relationship between the Florida Park Service and the Florida State Parks Foundation is an enduring, collaborative and complementary partnership with the shared vision to preserve, protect and sustain the Florida State Parks. Therefore, the foundation provides value-added benefits to the state of Florida in its entirety.

The Florida State Parks Foundation was founded in 1993 as the Friends of Florida State Parks and in 2018 updated the name.

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