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Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park

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County Road 191
Santa Rosa County, Florida

(850) 983-5363

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Rare pitcher plants flourish here.

 Welcome to Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park

The Yellow River Marsh Preserve protects one of Florida's last remaining tracts of wet prairie, including the largest community of pitcher plants in the state. The carnivorous plants flourish here, passively trapping insects in specialized tube-shaped leaves and absorbing nutrients from their decomposing prey. The preserve is located in Santa Rosa County on Garcon Point, which separates Escambia Bay from Blackwater Bay. Nearly 20 rare and endangered species of plants and animals make their homes along the bay and its wet prairies, dome swamps,and flatwoods. There are no recreational facilities in the preserve, but the sweeping landscapes of the pitcher plant prairies offer a tremendous opportunity for photography and nature appreciation. A small parking area, gazebo and public access point are located on Dickerson City Road.