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The Suwannee River winding its way under trees overhanging the banks.
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River Camps

Wooden Ramp Leading to Screened Pavillion.

River camps are available for visitors who plan multiple-day paddling trips. Each one is approximately 10 miles from established parks and campgrounds on the river. Each river camp features 5 screened sleeping platforms with electricity and ceiling fans, restrooms and showers and primitive camping sites for tents. Each sleeping platform accommodates 6-8 people. Visitors can reserve the whole platform by calling (800) 868-9914.

We accept walk-ins, but due to the rising popularity of these camps, reservations are strongly recommended. When reserving multiple platforms for your group, please figure on a minimum of 5 to 6 people per platform, so that our camps can provide accommodations for as many river travelers as possible.

River camps are accessible from the river or hiking trails only. No vehicles allowed. Outfitters can work with visitors to deliver gear, coolers and catered food to the river camps. Ask your outfitter for specific services.

River Camps

The Woods Ferry River Camp is located 10 miles from White Springs, in between Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park and the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.

Between Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and Suwannee River State Park, visitors will find the Holton Creek River Camp.

Dowling Park river camp is right across the river from the Advent Christian Village in the town of Dowling Park.

Peacock Slough river camp is located on the river just south of Peacock Springs State Park.

Adams Tract river camp is just a few miles upriver of Troy Springs State Park, just north of Branford.

Anderson's Landing river camp is located in the Town of Suwannee.

Proposed River Camps

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