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Yellow warning sign. No Lifeguard on Duty.


Florida State Parks protect natural and cultural environments and therefore require your planning, alertness, and respect in order to ensure a safe visit. Hazards are part of our natural environment and hence the outdoors cannot always be guaranteed safe. Please use common sense, respect the natural and cultural resources while following these general guidelines to help avoid an unsafe situation.


Trips to the beach can be pleasant for both the visitor and the natural habitat if the right precautions are taken by visitors.

Beach warning flags sign

Rip currents information sign
  • Be aware of the sun exposure that occurs when at the beach and wear the proper amount of sunscreen.
  • Do not walk on the sand dunes
  • Do not feed the wildlife
  • It is important to be aware of the possible hazards that the water may bring about. Beaches will fly warning flags indicating the level of hazard the beach may impose. Please refer to the following attachment for an index of these warning flags: Beach Warning Flag Index
  • Rip tides are a relevant danger on many areas of the beach. Please be sure to avoid them if possible, and follow this set of guidelines if caught in one: How to Escape a Rip Current
  • The beach is not only a recreational site, it is a habitat for wildlife. If you happen upon any wildlife, especially a sea turtle nest, do not disturb it.


In many state parks, there are designated areas that allow for visitors to go boating. Please stay within the perimeter of these designated boating areas and adhere to the following boating safety requirements. Please see the desired individual park page for any further information about boating safety regulations.

  • When operating a boating vessel, please use common sense. Be cautious of the wildlife or other visitors around the vessel, and adhere to the designated speed limits.
  • Take precaution when using the boat ramp. Be courteous to the other boaters and be aware of any hazards that could cause an injury.
  • The consumption of alcohol while operating a boat is not permitted.
  • All individuals must be wearing a life jacket while aboard a boating vessel.
  • Jet skis are permitted in designated areas only according to the individual rules of each park.


It is the goal of the Florida Park Service to provide recreational activities while preserving the natural habitat of the parks. Please be considerate for the safety of the natural habitat and of your own by not disturbing the wildlife.

  • Hiking: make sure that you are well prepared, bring all the necessary supplies, and know what to do if any medical emergency occurs during your hike. For more hiking safety tips, visit
  • Cycling: be reasonable with your speed, observant and aware of your surroundings, and please wear a helmet
  • Swimming: when a lifeguard is not on duty, be cautious and swim at your own risk
  • Equestrian: please acknowledge the potential dangers of this activity and always wear a helmet