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Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching ("geo-cashing") is an entertaining adventure game for hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) users. Individuals hide caches, post clues on a website for participants and geocachers use their GPS equipment to find the hidden cache.

What kind of equipment do I need?
You'll need a hand-held GPS unit or GPS-enabled mobile phone. There are also some units that come preloaded with coordinates.

What's in a cache?
There is always a log book with pen or pencil. Often, the cache contains small trinkets or treasures. You might also find a travel bug, an item that's meant to be taken from one cache to another. Geocachers enjoy taking one of the found treasures and leaving another for the fellow geocachers who might find the cache later.

What shouldn't be in a cache?
Never put food in a cache. Wildlife will destroy the cache to get at the food. No toxic or explosive substances, including batteries, lighters, matches and aerosol cans.

Can I geocache in state parks?
Yes. Caches may be hidden in Florida's state park with prior verbal permission from the park manager. Geocachers may look for the hidden caches as long as they are respectful of the natural areas of the park.

What do I do when I find a geocache?

  1. Take something from the cache.
  2. Leave something in the cache.
  3. Write about it in the logbook.
  4. Visit to leave a note for the owner.

How do I get permission to hide a cache in a state park?
After you have selected a state park location, contact the park manager and ask permission to hide a cache in the park. Describe the location, how you intend to hide it (digging is not allowed) and provide a description of the cache container. The park manager will consider the site attributes and give verbal permission for you to hide the cache in the location. Archaeological, ecological and historic areas are typically off limits. Also consider frequent flooding, fire frequency, animal habitat, etc. before requesting permission.

Can staff remove my cache?
Yes. If a cache is found that has been hidden without permission, has been damaged by wildlife or found in the wrong location, staff may take the cache. Park staff will attempt the contact the owner.