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Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Path winding through Maclay Gardens

Maclay Gardens Audio Tour

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens is proud to offer a new experience for its visitors, the addition of MP3 audio tours of the gardens. Nearly a dozen different areas of the gardens are described in this audio tour that runs approximately half an hour. Included in the tour is a detailed description of the much photographed walled garden and background information on the numerous plantings that grace the garden. The audio tour also provides information about the historic Maclay House Museum, which is open January through April for tours.

MP3 players and accompanying maps are available at the Maclay Gardens State Park welcome center. A script of the audio tour and maps are available in large print for those with hearing or vision difficulties. Use is free and visitors can bring their own ear phones or get a set from the welcome center for a suggested $2.00 donation to the Friends of Maclay Gardens, Inc.

MP3 Files

History History of Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee, FL
Station #1 Garden Entrance
Station #2 First half of walk leading to Maclay House
Station #3 Lakeside Pavilion looking out over Lake Hall
Station #4 Second half of walk leading to Maclay House
Station #5 Tour of Maclay House
Station #6 Camellia Walk, oldest area of Maclay Gardens
Station #7 Walled Garden
Station #8 Secret Garden
Station #9 Pond Walk and Pond
Station #10 Azalea Hillside
Conclusion Conclusion of Tour