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Indian Key Historic State Park

 About Indian Key Historic State Park

Mangrove trees line the shore at Indian Key Historic State Park in the Florida Keys.


Mike Guarino

Escape to an island and immerse yourself in the long ago ways of the wrecking industry and the tragedy of Indian Key. This 11-acre island is deserted except for the ruins of a town that existed in the early 1800s, when folks made their living salvaging boats that ran aground on local reefs. Get adventurous, take a boat ride, or rent a kayak to visit us and experience some of our warm, tropical sunshine and our unique maritime history.

Indian Key is easily accessible by kayak or boat from U.S. Highway 1. The perimeter of the island provides one of the few nearshore areas for snorkelers to view coral, not to mention the array of wildlife in and out of the water.

Please remember to bring along sun block, plenty of fluids and a diver-down flag for any snorkeling activities.

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Indian Key is located on the ocean side of U.S. 1 at M.M. 78.5. It is accessible only by private boat or charter boats available at nearby marinas.


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